About Evan's Old Town Grille!
Meet The Owners:
The Lathouris Family

Evangelos Lathouris (Evan) was born and raised in Akladokambos, a small farming village in the Peloponnese Region of Greece. After spending some time in Athens, Evan decided to pursue the American Dream… legally immigrating to the United States of America. He did this on his own, and at only 18 years old.

Once in the United States, Evan travelled to Nevada so that he could work for his uncle, Nick, who owned and operated Nick’s Supper Club in downtown Henderson since the 1960s. While working at Nick’s, Evan graduated from Basic High School and also met his future wife, Vicki.

When Nick passed away in 1996, Evan, Vicki, and their two children decided to start their own restaurant business. In looking for a new location to start their own memories, they fell in love with Boulder City and decided to start Evan’s Old Town Grille. The restaurant opened January 1, 1997 and remains strong to this day.

The Lathouris family strongly believes in high quality food enjoyed in a relaxing and cozy atmosphere. We also believe that food is best enjoyed when shared with those you care about, which is why our business is operated with family and friends in mind. Over the years, it has been one of our greatest pleasures to see families bring their children in, and then to see those children become adults and bring their own children in. We have even catered the special events throughout their lives… from birthdays to receptions, and weddings to anniversaries, to even baby showers.

For us, the restaurant is so much more than just a business. It is our home in Boulder City, and we truly enjoy serving the community as much as possible. After all, it was Boulder City that welcomed us, and it is the locals that have made us the successful business that we are today. We appreciate all the support that we have received, and we are tremendously grateful for all the friendships that we have made throughout the years.

Thank you!


1129 Arizona Street
Boulder City
Nevada 89005
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